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Intro to…

Ever wondered about various aspects of running, but not been sure where to start? These introductory workshops are just the thing to give you a taster of a wide range of topics without being overwhelming.

Each session will last approximately an hour. Location and kit needs will vary depending on the topic, see below for more information.

Intro to… Training planning

How do you structure a training plan? Where and when will races fit best with my plans? What key sessions should I put in each week? How should I change the focus of my training through the year? These are all questions that will be answered in this workshop, helping you to create your own plan based on your goals, availability and current ability. It is an indoor workshop, all you need is a pen and paper.

Intro to… Strength

We all know that being strong enough to run is important to hold off injury and improve fitness, but what exactly should that look like? In this workshop you will learn running specific movements that you can do at home to injury proof and develop your body. It is an indoor practical session, wear suitable exercise clothes.

Intro to… Technique

Moving well is key to running well, and this workshop will go through the fundamental movement patterns we can use to help develop strength, balance and efficient movement. You will go away with key drills that you can include in your week, and individual pointers on what you would benefit from working on. It is an outdoor practical session so please wear suitable clothing for the weather.

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