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Move better, run better

Move Better, Run Better is a session designed around you to help you with running.

At this time it is a 1:1 outdoor session, tailored to you.

It includes:

  • Training review
  • Mobility exercises
  • Running technique
  • Running strength and stability exercises

The idea behind the session is that you can take it away to complete in your own time.

We will review your current training patterns and advise how this could be improved, or how the new sessions will fit in to what you are currently doing.

Following this it is time to head outdoors to review your technique and then a process is put in place so that you can make the necessary changes, step by step, with a session designed for you. This includes a proper warm up and a look at mobilisation for running.

The final part of the session is completed back at the APC Studio to review your strength and stability, including muscular activation. You will be then be sent an eight week development plan for improving your strength and stability.
All of the sessions will be summarised and sent onto to you, including any suggestions for follow up work if it is felt that this would be a good idea for you.

This session can be tailored to those newer to running, the more experienced and performance based runners.

The session ultimately targets better running, improved resilience and fewer injuries.

To make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569 or to talk to one of our coaches about how we can help then please get in touch via our Contact section.

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