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Orthoses and Footwear

We use orthoses for two main reasons; firstly to take the strain of a structure that is injured and secondly to help you change the way you are moving. Our orthoses are prescribed, i.e. we give them a job to do. From the assessment we establish how your function is contributing to your injury or restricting your movement. The orthoses will help you change your movement pattern but should not impact on good function. We use a variety of materials and designs for our custom orthoses and the pros and cons of each will be discussed during the assessment.

  • Reduce strain on tissues
  • Help when changing function
  • Short or long term usage
  • Fully custom made

Sports footwear can be a very complex subject and we can offer advice on what sort of features you should look for in a shoe.

Finding the right shoe for you with regards to fit and function is essential. It is also important that your footwear is correct for your activity, training, day to day wear and overall is comfortable. We can work with the Accelerate Store staff utilising the large range of shoes we have to ensure that this vital bit of kit is correct for you. We feel that if you are undertaking different types of training and over different types of terrain then you are best having specific footwear for each situation. We look at size and shape, shoe stiffness, heel to forefoot drop, outsole, thickness of midsole, fit to foot, ability to accommodate an orthoses, usage and price.

If you would like a more detailed approach to selecting your training or racing shoes, then this will be ideal. You will see a podiatrist for more detailed help with footwear selection.

To make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569 or  please get in touch via our Contact section.

In conjunction with the Accelerate Store, we often have shoe trial events so you can try out shoes and learn more about them from the manufacturers. For more details of these please see the Accelerate Event Page on Facebook.

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