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Gait Analysis

A session of gait analysis with podiatrist Colin Papworth will include:

  • Walking and running assessment
  • High speed video recording and analysis
  • Explanation of what is happening
  • Intervention exercises and treatment
  • Review sessions to see changes

Our service provides a detailed look at your movement patterns using high speed video. High speed video filming allows us to view your gait with you in fine detail and we shall go through this with you during the assessment. We view from each side and do not just concentrate on your rearfoot position. We need to look at all your body when you are moving so we can formulate a complete picture of your movement patterns. For example, poor foot function will cause an over rotation of the upper body and we need to see this if it is happening. There are many linked movements that we use and we need to see when certain movements are being blocked and which movement you may be using as a compensation.

Gait Analysis is ideal for the following:

1) Exploration of how your movement pattern may be causing your injury
2) Finding ways you can improve your running efficiency
3) Help with how to safely change change your running style
4) To check to see if your footwear is working well with your body movements

To make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569 or  please get in touch via our Contact section.

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