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Podiatry at Accelerate Performance CentreLower limb injuries are not uncommon with running, let alone any other sport.
Shin pain, tight calf’s and sore achilles tendons can all be fairly debilitating. Then there are ankle issues, not just from twists and sprains; let alone plantar fasciitis and soreness or inflammation through the other tendons and ligaments of the foot.  This is where a visit to see a podiatrist can really help.
Tight muscles and fascia can be released, ankles and feet mobilised. This in itself can add up to a release of tension so that the healing process can begin.

Diagnosis > Treatment > Recovery Plan > Prevention

The treatment provided is ideal across all ages, fitness levels or abilities. Following an initial meeting and treatment, a plan of action will be agreed with you and if required further consultations booked.

The Accelerate Performance Centre podiatrists are:  Abbie Dagg    and Colin Papworth

To get in touch please call 0114 242 2569 or via our Contact Page.  We are more than happy to answer any query that you may have and to point you in the right direction to ensure you receive the best help.


You can know book online for an initial Injury Assessment with our podiatrists below: