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Injury Support

1st November Update – We Remain Open!

Covid-19 Update, 1st November 2020: We remain open and available for a full range of physiotherapy and podiatry assessments. Inline with government and professional body guidelines we will be doing everything we can to keep each other safe.  You can read our approach to Covid-19 here

We know that there is nothing worse than being injured and unable to take part in the sport you love, and for pain to affect your day to day life.

Our team of clinical specialists can help you on the road to recovery, offering diagnosis and treatment, as well as supporting you to put steps in place to prevent the same injury from recurring in the future.

Diagnosis > Treatment > Recovery Plan > Prevention

If you are looking for a physical assessment or peace of mind then we would suggest you come along and see the Physiotherapy Team. The same would apply for any injury or a pain that just will not clear.
If your issue is shin, ankle or foot then the best action for you is to start with seeing a podiatrist, either Abbie or Colin.
To find out more about each service offered then follow the link below:

Physiotherapy    Podiatry 

They will provide treatment to help the injury heal, give you advice on how to look after this yourself and put together a plan of action. This will involve ongoing treatment, rehabilitation and a plan to prevent the injury coming back. This may include a progressive plan of introducing activity, supporting exercises and stretching.

Following treatment any plan may include a recommendation that you see someone else in the team who will be able to provided help and support more geared to your situation, ensuring a speedy return to activity, also ensuring the chances of a recurrence are minimised. The other Team members you may be recommended to see could include the sports therapists, podiatrist or even referred for strength and stabilisation conditioning.

If you prefer to speak to someone about who to see or what is best then one of our team can discuss your needs and book you in with the appropriate individual. Please call 0114 242 2569.