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Physiotherapy at the Accelerate Performance Centre (APC), Sheffield is a professional and ‘whole person’ approach to injury diagnosis and management – including a look at lifestyle and training patterns.

At the core of this process is the patient’s own involvement in rehabilitation and their return to sport. Help will be given towards this goal – with Injury Management, plus steps and advice to guard against future injury or re-injury.

The APC Physiotherapists take a very holistic approach to injury treatment, often looking beyond the site of any pain in order to establish the real cause/s, or to establish if there is any other underlying situation that requires treatment/focus. This could, for example, include muscular strength imbalance or overuse.

The treatment provided is ideal across all ages, fitness levels or abilities. Following an initial meeting and treatment, a plan of action will be agreed with you and if required further consultations booked.

Lead physiotherapist – Peter Down

To make an appointment please call 0114 242 2569 or to talk to one of our coaches about how we can help then please get in touch via our Contact section.

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