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Running Past 50

This group is for those over 50 year olds who are maybe just getting into running, or who would like to run with a group of like minded people to improve their health and enjoyment of the sport.

It could be that you haven’t run for ages and you’re looking to start again, perhaps you are already running regularly and need a bit of variety. Whether your goal is getting, and keeping, moving, or to go further than you currently are, this group could be just the tonic.

Sessions are adaptable to all abilities, whether you consider yourself a run-walker, or you are aiming to get a bit quicker than you already are.

The run sessions will be led by qualified leaders and coaches, who will help you to think about the rest of your training week, as well as running more safely, assisting with running technique and running stability – in order to avoid injury. We’ll keep you moving comfortably.

We head over from the shop to a purpose built running venue within the traffic free Olympic Legacy Park (OLP) – on the site of the old Don Valley Stadium.

There’s plenty of space and the surface is ideal for running, with none of the big hills Sheffield has become so renowned for. As you become fitter, we may well head away from the OLP onto the local paths around the canal and River Don – hidden gems in the area.

You’ll need a pair of running shoes and something comfortable to wear for the session. A sense of humour is essential too. Post run – it will be back to the store for a cuppa, a natter and an opportunity to discuss your training.

So, if you are over the age of fifty, perhaps retired or just have time on a Friday, why not come and join us…

Fridays, 10:15 am for a 10:30am start from Accelerate.

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