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Run Your Mind

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Run Your Mind, OK we are talking Mindset Coaching.  This is the latest addition to the offering from the Accelerate Performance Centre and is already proving to be popular and judging by the comments we are receiving, very successful.

Sessions are led by Karyn, an experienced Mindset Coach who has studied and practiced a variety of approaches to changing minds and mindsets for over 30 years.  Unlike Counseling Mindset Coaching is finding ways and process to deal and understanding mental issues.  Take race day anxiety or pressure to perform as examples from running.  Mindset Coaching is for more than just running it is also utilised greatly and successful for helping with issues arising from everyday life.

“Changing your mind is easy,” says Karyn, “We do it all the time.  But sometimes ideas that don’t serve us well can get stuck in our brains.  That’s where mindset coaching can help.”

This all came about following the pandemic when the coaches looking after the younger members of Team Accelerate identified a growing anxiety and pressure in returning to racing.  Not everyone, just some.  So in came Karyn to help.  Karyn began with group sessions and workshops before moving onto individual 1-1 sessions where it was deemed helpful.  Success, definitely.

Stuart noted, “A very definite change occurred across the group.  Individual happiness was the most marked, along with a more relaxed approach to training.  Suddenly, success and failure from a single session seemed to be less of a driver as the whole was now being looked at.  A renewed energy towards training has occurred.  In addition, the Team are definitely happier in accepting steps to progress as more positive, something that is good as it can be improved.  Definitely, less about the negative, more about ‘What can I change?’. Even better has been a change in approach from the youngsters, more ‘Oh that was good, but if I change this it will be even better’.

The ongoing results speak for themselves.  As racing returned this year, the effect has been a series of new personal bests and achievements including Inter-county Wins and Podium finishes.

Team Accelerate Runner, Harvey, 2nd place at the Wombwell 5 with a new PB. Hugh and Chris also made the top 5, again with new improved times.


We caught up with Karyn and asked her for some of her top things to look at when it comes to our ‘Mindset’, her top tips are:

Tip 1:  In any situation, people make the best choice they can.

Of course they do, why wouldn’t they?  But there may be other choices which a person has forgotten about or not yet discovered – that’s where a coach can be really valuable.

Tip 2: Your brain doesn’t process ‘not’ or ‘don’t.

Don’t think of a pink flamingo right now.  I’m guessing what’s in your brain is a pink flamingo.  If you are trying really hard, you might have managed a white one instead.  This is why so many New Year’s resolutions fail, people tell themselves to do very thing they want to stop doing.  So trying not to worry about an old injury or a bad race is the worst thing you can tell yourself (or anyone else).  Focus your mind on what you would like to do instead.

Tip 3: The best time to solve a problem is now.

Our brains love patterns.  And once a pattern is established, your brain will repeat it over and over.  This is really useful.  It’s how you learned to walk – life would be pretty tough if you had to think about how to move every muscle and how to keep your balance every time you want to move.  Repeating a brain pattern over and over creates an automatic loop in your brain (this is called an Engram if you want to get technical here).

The trouble comes when your brain picks up a pattern that is unhelpful you you.  The more times the pattern is repeated, the more automatic your nerves or worries become.  So getting help to break the pattern as soon as possible is the best way to change it.

Karyn is available for 1:1 Sessions or can booked for small group sessions here at the Accelerate Performance Centre.  You can read more about the options and one to one sessions Here >>
To find out more you can get in touch Here >> or alternatively please call 0114 242 2569