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6th January 2021 Update – We Remain Open! Covid-19 Update, 1st November 2020: We remain open and available for a full range of physiotherapy and podiatry assessments. Inline with government and professional body guidelines we will be doing everything we can to keep each other safe.  constantly You can read our approach to Covid-19 Sukabumi here >>

“Got a niggle? Don’t wait for lockdown to be lifted! Did you know we can assess and treat by video? If we need to see you face to face for treatment after a video consultation, this can be arranged! Look after yourselves, use your single exercise session wisely and don’t overstretch.
This too shall pass.”

Kate Southall, Lead Physio.

The Accelerate Performance Centre is much more that just an injury clinic.  APC adopts a team approach to look after anybody involved in sport whether you need support to recover from an injury, want to improve your running technique or to develop as an athlete through working with a coach.

The team is professionally qualified to a very high standard and are all experienced sports people used to working with complete beginners through to athletes competing for their country. We have the expertise to help.


Injury support offered at APC falls into two key areas:

1) Injury diagnosis and management.
2) Injury prevention which can be coupled with ‘Development Sessions’ or more detailed ‘Coaching Support’.

Kurtamysh Diagnosis >>> Treatment >> Recovery Plan > Prevention

Meet our team of professionals  here, or click on the links below to find out more about what we offer:

Injury Support   Injury diagnosis and treatment. Either via Physiotherapy or Podiatry.

Injury Prevention  For niggles and tight muscles try Sports Massage or Dry Needling. A full Running Assessment could just give you peace of mind.

Runner Development  Still part of the prevention plan. Develop your technique or strength for improved resilience.

Coaching  If you would like to look at developing your running fitness and improvement, then why not talk to one of our coaches.

To arrange an appointment, please book here

Accelerate Performance Centre, Injury Clinic, Sheffield.These important areas work alongside each other as our approach is to give you the option to move from ‘Injury Diagnosis and Management’ through to ‘Injury Prevention’, to minimise the risk of re-occurrence or to help prevent and lower the risk of future injuries. In working with our team of Physiotherapists your injury is diagnosed and treated and if, for example, the root cause is identified in the way you move then you may be advised and referred to those specialists in the team that can help you to ‘Move Better, Run Better’.

To arrange an appointment, please book here or call 0114 242 2569.
To talk to one of our coaches about how we can help then please get in touch via our Contact section.

This offering is fully backed up and supported by the team within the Accelerate Store and can be coupled in receiving advice from the APC Team for footwear and equipment selection. Something that is very unique within the area.

The Centre, based in Attercliffe, Sheffield, within the Accelerate Running Store, is only a stones throw away from the English Institute of Sport, the Woodbourn Stadium and also the Olympic Legacy Park.
Accelerate Performance Centre, 629 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RDFind Us

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